Thanks Daz 3d!!!

Finding Daz 3d in my early years of all of this was a real godsend! Not only have they always had content of the highest quality, but also the most amazing prices - an odd, but welcome combination!

I've been a Platinum Club member right from the start and, it wasn't until I decided to let that membership lapse before I realized how much that saved me in building my library. Wow, what a difference! The still have incredibly competitive pricing, but the PC+ really changes the game in a Big way!

...a forum post I made during the Christmas Giveaway at Daz 3d in 2016:

Just recently the huge Platinum Club Plus giveaways and super-low deals filled around three whole pages in my Daz 3d account Product Library - all really great stuff too!

I'm one who has always been a Daz 3d fan - ever since I've learned of their existence. So I have a whole lot of favorites that date back to their earliest of years. Owning Carrara really expanded that as well. Even if an older item just comes with basic colors that might look a little weird on its own can become something absolutely wonderful in this gem of a 3D studio - truly.

Saying that, I've been afraid to turn on any shopping filters during this whole PC+ Giveaway thing - scared that I might miss something really cool!

I've got stuff for Genesis (1, 2, 3 and 8), V4, M4 and Mil Dragon and Dragon 3, as well as a bunch of other really great things. It's so darned exciting for me to be able to do this stuff!

How many times have I gone right past Nybras - not taking a close enough look to see how truly awesome he is. Yes, I have the mighty Demonecornuto, by Predatron and a cool Demon for Genesis by RAWART. But there's always room for a new demon in my runtime - and now I find out that Nybras is so much more than I've ever imagined - getting him for Free! Did you know that Nybras can turn into a Dragon with the turn of a dial?

Nybras Expansion includes two ultra-high resolution textures with bump and displacement maps, 22 action poses, 71 head morphs and 31 body morphs.

Dragon 3 is really cool - got some awesome stuff for him. That'll never replace my Mil Dragon 2 that I love so much - got some cool stuff for him too and grabbed the Wyvern 2.0 as well, but the new dragon is a welcome new addition - such an amazing figure! Castles, vehicles, Sci Fi environmental and control props...

Man! A lot of cool stuff already!

Thank You Daz3d and all artists involved in all of this!

I wrote the words a while ago and nothing has changed. My library has been growing like crazy thanks to Daz 3d, their PC+ and their Premier Artists. Let's take a look at some of this incredible gear, shall we?

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I don't do subscription plans, but AVFX+ is much different - if you cancel, you keep what you got! But they also offer non-subscription sales as well - which is Brilliant! Check them out!