PC+ Experience

Platinum Club + membership is the Fastest way to grow a library of Daz 3D content. There are weekly freebies and a perpetual 30% Off (at least!) sale on all Daz Original items and there is a category of PC+ items.

PC+ Items are actual content products that have a normal retail price like everything else, but for PC+ members they only cost between $1.99 and $8.99 - and there are a LOT of them!

Platinum Club + can be monthly or annually subscribed.

Also see my PC+ Cloth Frenzy - buying clothes has never been so affordable - or nearly as versatile!

You might be thinking that the PC+ category items are watered down, lower quality products. Nope. In fact, some of the PC+ content is exactly what I was looking for in the first place!

There's a lot of stuff that I need that isn't in the PC+ category as well. Well, being a PC+ member grants us special discounts on so many things throughout the year - I mean Substantial Savings!

Additionally, the amazing 3D human figures that Daz 3D makes are... you guessed it: Daz Originals, meaning that we (PC+ members) always get at least 30% off on those! Sometimes they even give them to us for Free! And even on some occasions they might even give us entire bundles of goodies! It's awesome!

To help illustrate my own PC+/Daz 3D experience, I started a new thread in the Carrara Discussion Forum: Thanks Daz 3D! I started that thread during a Christmas Giveaway sale, as you'll see. These sorts of special treats are what it's like being a PC+ member!

I've been a happy customer since 2010, when I first joined so there are plenty of gleeful posts by me throughout the pages of that forum. But I wanted to do something a bit more special - especially at a time when I heard someone try to discredit the value of the low PC+ price.

On that note, however, I can see how there might just come a time when we finally have a large enough content library where shopping for more is no longer our primary concern. PC+ certainly does help us to build up a Lot of content in a short time.

I opted out for almost a year once. I was amazed at how different my shopping experience was. I simply could not afford to get the stuff I needed - when I needed it. That was it! I jumped back on as a PC+ member, and hope to remain one... well... Forever! :)

Platinum Club + Events

Most Holidays and other special times of year will spawn a rather impressive PC+ sale event. Often times Daz 3D will offer non-PC+ members a bit of a PC+ Sale. When they do that, they make the deal even sweeter for the PC+ members. Sometimes, like I said before they just give some really top-notch products to PC+ members during these events. I've even picked up some of their Pro bundles for their figures absolutely free! Every now and then they'll also give away Starter Bundles for their figures - which is always an excellent addition to any collection.

Every year we also experience a Big, Month-long Platinum Club + Sale event. It's Huge and is literally Packed with great content at incredibly low prices!

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