Thanks Daz 3d!!!

Finding Daz 3d in my early years of all of this was a real godsend! Not only have they always had content of the highest quality, but also the most amazing prices - an odd, but welcome combination!

I've been a Platinum Club member right from the start and, it wasn't until I decided to let that membership lapse before I realized how much that saved me in building my library. Wow, what a difference! They already have very competitive pricing, but the PC+ really changes the game in a Big way!

PC+ Semi-Annual Sale Event June 2021

Here we are in the Daz 3d's Semi-Annual PC+ Sale Event, which lasts the whole month - June 2021.

Oh my, this just keeps getting better and better!!! I don't have much at all for a budget, yet I'm still able to Massively bolster my library!

Scroll on to see how much stuff I got in just this one month!

PC+ for a Day sales are where they put products into the sale that are not considered PC+ items on a normal day, and that particular sale only lasts 24 hours.

Build You Own Bundle builds with more and more cool stuff each day - Non-members can get these items for $1.99 and PC+ members can pick 8 items for a total of $2.99!

Other items in the store are marked waaaay down, at least for PC+ members. And did I mention Freebies?!!!

There are other fun daily and weekly specials in the event as well.

I like to peruse the store for ideas. It's one of the things that I do on my laptop when I'm waiting for a render, simulation, etc., on my main CG computer.

I'll look through the store and also the product library in my account. It's amazing how many stories come to mind by just gazing at cool products! Check out "What Happened on Odysseon Station" for an example

What a Great Sale Event this has been! I really got a LOT of Stuff without having to spend much at all!!!

So Dartanbeck, what did you grab?

On the day that I saw this banner, I really scored!!! Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

Thank You!!!

One of my readers, who prefers to remain anonymous but gave me permission to say this, has gifted me a nice gift card from Daz 3d!

The items purchased from this will go directly into my film project. With this PC+ sale event going on, I was able to grab some very important things that were on my immediate wish list for these first episodes, which I am in the middle of working on now.

Here's what I got from this generous gift:


This Genesis 2 Male antagonist has already been written into the storyline, but hasn't yet come up in the story, nor has he been designed.

Being able to grab Legendary Demon HD - by RawArt, gives such a solid boost to his design that very little else for him is needed - just a few odds and ends and to tweak his shaders to appear the way I need him to, which will be a Lot of Fun!

I'm really grateful for this!

RawArt not only does beautiful morph sculpts, but his textures are gorgeous as well - very nice to use and easy to work with!

Baddy Camp

Another essential that's coming up in the story is a camp full of minions of the main antagonist. I had parts of one in the beginnings of being fleshed out, which I will continue to finish since it'll work for other things, but the same artist that did the Timber Framed Houses that I picked up in last month's sale, Enterables, just released this excellent Orcish Camp 1, that will work wonderfully for my needs.

I believe that Enterables is a new artist at Daz 3d. I am looking forward to watching this catalog grow.

Orcish Camp 1 is a lovely collection of props to create the perfect setting for what I had in mind!

Fantasy Worlds from Petipet

Being the big fan of Petipet that I am, I've had these in my wish list for some time, and now the time has come when I am needing something like these.

These kits are actually more than what I was needing, which is perfect because this will allow for expansion with these settings as the project rolls into more episodes.

Planet Teros and Planet Irida

Earlier this month I acquired Planet Selena from the Platinum Club Anniversary Bundle featured later in this article. It turned out that Planet Selena is a Lot more than what I had envisioned in my previous peeks at the promos, which got me to take another look at the rest of Petipet's Planet Terrain kits.

Teros and Irida each fit some of the terrain I need in different parts of the story, and will work beautifully with my Carrara EnvironKits for fleshing out entire ranges of these themes - and Selena actually inspired a new location, not in the original plan - so that's cool!

Furthermore, the props (plants, etc.,) that come with any of these will work with the others as well - and can be dropped into the EnvironKit replicators if I want to.

Last but not least...

I've only recently discovered how great Andrey's products are, and will be adding many of them to my library. This one is exceptionally useful.

Twelve presets of very realistic rock formations come in two varieties - with plants growing on them and without - so 24 presets in all.

I'm really looking forward to using these on many of the adventure paths that are coming up!

(I ended up getting a whole bunch of Andrey's products in this Sale Event - see below!)

Hey, thanks again for this wonderful gift of Daz 3d! I truly appreciate it, and am very happy that you're enjoying this site! :)

This is really cool! I bought another kit of Andrey's earlier this year (Temple Cave) and now, looking through his collection of products and seeing these wonders in person, I'm a big fan!

This comes as a fully assembled scene for Iray and is very nicely put together. Like Temple Cave, we get lighting/rendering presets and cameras, enabling us to render the promo images if we want to. And if not, we can certainly use them to get us closer to our vision!

I haven't tried loading either of them into Carrara yet, but I will. Both of them render very nicely in Iray, however!

Andrey also puts chunks of the scenes into nice groups making it super easy to hide or manipulate things without a lot of fuss.

Looking at his store, it's easy to see that high quality, interesting looking nature is his thing. Very nice to have this resource - I'll be back Andrey!!!

Edit - And So I Did!

In a Big Catch-Up Sale, One of these was in the PC+ for a Day, and the other was in the PC+ for a Day Catch-Up, so I was able to grab them both!

Wow is this neat!!!

This comes as a nice construction kit for building tropical scenes, including large and small preset chunks of very interesting tropical land.

Even better, each 'chunk' comes in High, Medium, and Low Resolution presets!!!

Okay, I'm really looking forward to seeing if this thing is as 'light-on-its-feet' as it appears to be in the promo video.

Fantastic, Huge environment and it looks like all of the individual mesh work is incredibly efficient - like what we see in Stonemason's work - which is why he (Stonemason) can deliver such high-quality, finely detailed products that load and render so effortlessly.

Edit Pt 2

It's not my fault! There were in the PC+ for a Day sale. How could I just let them slip by? ;)

Like it's predecessor above, this beauty loads in very realistic rocks with plant life growing in the recesses when debris accumulates and turns to soil.

Of course, we don't have to have the plants show if we don't want them - say, underwater, for example.

A great addition to the whole nature-tweaking experience for me!

Andrey, this is Too Cool!!!

Okay, these preloads are Enormous!!! Yes - Preloads. We get preset scenes that land us in the middle of a vast lake surrounded by mountains covered in forest, with forested islands throughout the middle.

Then we also get presets of just the surrounding lake environment and islands that we can plunk anywhere we want. There are three separate (Massive!!!) Lake presets that include the water, surrounding land and trees - each in separate layers that can be adjusted individually.

We also get 5 island presets that come in two layers - land and trees.

As if that isn't cool enough, there are extra preloads of each that contain even more trees if we need more! So 3 lake presets and another 3 lake presets with more trees. 5 island presets and another 5 of the same islands with more trees!

We also get 3 fully preset scenes.

As usual for Andrey's scene kits, we also get cameras and Iray lighting presets to get us rendering right out of the box. Just brilliant!

I'm looking forward to using these as intended, and also as pieces to build entirely new environments!

Just Awesome!!!

So while I was getting all of this cool stuff, I kept taking peeks at Andrey's store, adding kits to my wish list. Today (the day after) there were four Andrey Pestryakov kits in Fast Grab! Blew my mind!

I'm still very glad that I went ahead and got the sale items I got yesterday. They were all very necessary parts of what I have going on. You'll see those below after "Wow!"

I still managed to grab one of the four kits from Fast Grab, and hope to beg or borrow enough to get some more.

LOL!!! Rosie saw me type the above sentence and made me show her the Fast Grab sale, after which she told me to get two more!

So here are the kits I landed today:

I know... the names don't really do a lot for the product, but the promo images do - and then, when we look inside the product page... Oh My!!!

The best way for me to describe this one is that it's a modular cliff-building kit with a stream of water running through it - which could also be dry if we delete the water.

It begins with two environmental base scene with the stream carved into detailed ground with plant life in sparse areas. These look pretty cool on their own!

Then we get individual large stone props as well as grouped presets - again, we can use the plants or not, depending on our needs.

This one is very much like Stones and Structures above, but the formations are vastly vertical and less cliff-like... not as squared off. It also doesn't include a land prop, just a water plane - which is perfectly fine for this kit!

This one also includes individual plant props to play with. So we get 8 preset rock formations with plants and 8 without, and the 17 foliage elements.

Looks Amazing!!!

Oh Man!!! I'm so glad that I was able to get this one!!!

This thing is Massive!!! And, yes... it does come with the castle, amongst many other buildings throughout!

Very efficiently low-poly modeled with optional higher resolution detail props that can be loaded in a specific spot where the rest of the entire scene can be viewed from. Genius!

According to Andrey's notes, the buildings are very low resolution and are only meant to be seen from a distance - and that's the way it should be in a set this gigantic.

The castle pieces and a mill are also available as individual props, so we can build our own or teak what's already there.

...and today there were even more Andrey Pestryakov kits on massive sales! What a Blast!

Thanks you so much for this Andrey!!! I really needed this!

Another gorgeous and flexible setup, this comes with two different full-scene preloads utilizing the 17 beautiful props for building natural stone formations.

The props vary in size from Rocks (smallest, but still very heavy!), Stones, and Big Stones!

All of them have that highly realistic look that Andrey puts into everything.

Well now this is cool!

This time around Andrey uses highly realistic cavern stone along with hand-laid paver stones and walls amidst an other-worldly door/gateway that leads to... ?

3 Door options, each with a matching wall option, 2 floors and 2 cavern rock props

Let the adventure begin!

End Edit

Howie Farkes sure does do nature well!

This amazing kit is a collection of 39 plant props with a rainforest/jungle theme designed especially to be used instanced in large numbers. Plants range from patches of moss and ferns through to palms and towering forest trees.

All props come with both 3Delight and Iray versions, some having multiple color choices and lower-resolution options for a selected number of plants.

Also included is a Daz Studio scene subset as an example of Mossy Hollow plants in use. We can load it into Carrara, but we'll just have to replicate our own instances of the plants - and that's fun too!

Okay, I'm a Carrara guy just getting to know Daz Studio more for what it's made to be, rather than just a plugin for my Carrara use. But did you know about the Sky System in Daz Studio? It's pretty cool! Octane has one too - and so does Carrara!

This product is what taught me about Daz Studio's Iray Sky System, and it also comes with surrounding alpha mesh domes for adding things to, like layers of clouds and/or stars!

I was working on something like this for Iray a few years back, but I was too much of a DS noob to get as far as I should/could have. Mine was a totally different take, since I had no idea about the Sky System!

Check this out:

This set contains 13 textures in total for the Sky System prop, giving you many different cloud options plus one for clouds and stars and two different ones for stars only.

The Sky System is rigged with a different bone for each of the four planes, so you can pose and spin the different segments to create an impression of time passing for sequential renders if desired.

Not only that, but there are fits included for both Zone A and Zone B of the Terradome 3 for Iray, making it easy to use this sky set with the Dome!

I tried this with Stairs and The Rocks (above) and it's a lot of fun! I also used it with Deepsea's Eagle Tree Environment. It's incredibly easy to use and a lot of fun to experiment with to get different skies!

Kudos Again, SickleYield!

I saw this a while back on the RDNA site. When it came up in the sale I took another look and, into the cart it went!

I'm looking forward to bringing this into Carrara and playing around with it. I love the geometry and texture work (check out the promo images!).

I can tell that this can truly be either a comforting refuge or a place of great danger - how absolutely fun!!!

Merlin, Merlin, Merlin... always coming up with the Cool!!!

I know this is no new release, but it's new to me now and, like all of the things I've collected from Merlin, I Love It!!!

Yeah... the name itself tells us to be afraid of this place. Loading it in tells us right away that it certainly won't be hard to make a scary render with it!

The Arbor Mortis has stood on top of the rocky outcrop for as long as anyone could remember but, the human remains inside its rotten trunk were an entirely new and unexpected discovery...

This old oak tree and rocky outcrop landscape scene for iRay and 3Delight is carefully hand crafted and ready for your fantasy, magic, horror, or naturalist/explorer scenes!

Get Arbor Mortis and discover precisely what comes next...

This thing would look really cool amidst DzFire's Forsaken Village and Keep!!!

Any Dungeons & Dragons fans out there? Indiana Jones?

This kit is awesome! Just make sure you roll high on your d20 when crossing that chasm using that old board for a bridge!!!

I've been wanting this since it first came out. And now it's Mine!!!

The modular rundown castle corridor fits any setting from fantasy or medieval to modern adventures.

It is wide enough to look majestic, and at the same time tight enough to add tension. You build it your way, imagination is the limit.

The ceiling can be hidden for the corridor parts, and the floor, to place devious traps and obstacles there instead, like the water or the deadly and feared Impaler trap.

It also comes with a bonus room with a staircase that you can fit at the end of the corridor, and the staircase can be hidden for extra variations.

Very Cool!!! :)

Great find! The elegant simplicity of design meets eerie emptiness in this spacious, modern building top.

We have choices about what goes in the center - shown here is a planet and it also comes with a tree to take its place - but we can just as easily put anything we want there.

One of the promo images even shows it as a nice bath!

Oh, and did I mention that it comes with that exterior scenery?

Bravo, Mely3D!!!

I have a whole section started for this sort of thing: PC+ Cloth Frenzy

This is yet another example of Legacy Excellence!

When looking through the store and we come across legacy items, it's often a bit obvious because render engines and styles of promo art have changed so much over the years.

I saw this and was floored by it because I've been looking for something just like it for my Rosie character!


On the left - Rosie 5.2 steps onto land after a month at sea

Converted to Genesis 1 using Daz 3d's Hiro 3 clone, Fit Control, by discobob and Zev0, and simulated via VWD Cloth and Hair.

(Just the Shirt)

Oh, now this is So Cool!

Let's let 3D Universe tell us more:

Message-Shirt-Magic is a revolutionary product that allows you to create your own custom message textures on the included dForce clothing.

Message-Shirt-Magic uses plugins which each include a different styled dForce clothing item. Additional plugins purchased will appear automatically in the interface. The interface is intelligent enough to automatically find Message-Shirt-Magic compatible items in your scene to make it easy to customize different clothing items.

Using the simple interface, you can change text, font, colors, size, formatting, etc. all while seeing a real-time preview of the final texture result. Presets that you like can be saved for later use right in the interface.

Message-Shirt-Magic can also accept ASCII art and monochrome Unicode Symbols, so you can use any of the online generators and simple copy and paste the text into the Message-Shirt-Magic interface!

Final textures can be created in various texture sizes 1024x1024 up to 4096x4096 so you can decide the detail level required. The generated textures also include material grain and stitching. For ease of use, we generate a unique name for the texture files, although you can turn off this option and select your own naming convention.

Message-Shirt-Magic textures are compatible with both the Iray and 3Delight render engines as they are basic diffuse maps and don't require any advanced shaders.

Additionally, you can apply the generated texture to only certain parts of the shirt enabling you to get multi-colored clothing designs.

Feeling uncreative? Use the more than 50 included inspiration presets, and the color randomizing functions to come up with a fun design in seconds.

Don't like the result you got? Message-Shirt-Magic automatically remembers the last preset setting you used on each clothing type, so you can easily make slight changes to your design without having to recreate it.

Feel free to share the *.MSM preset files that you create with friends so that they can also use your awesome clothing designs in their renders.

This base product includes the MSM T-Shirt plugin so you can get started right away creating clothing for your Genesis 8 Female figures.

Please see each product's page for details:

It's cool how each 'plugin' as well as the base product come with a dForce garment to start with!

Awesome!!! Another excellent kit added to my The DigiVault collection!!!

His kits are always a treat! Very well made and highly efficient, these scenes inspire great stories and are always fun to light and render!

The Dead Zone is a modular, high detail, large scale and easy to use set that dictates a weather beaten sci-fi complex set in a barren wasteland.

It comes in both 3Delight and Iray versions and also includes five presets for both 3Dlight and Iray to get you started. Also included are 120 Diffuse, Bump, Normal and Specular maps, most of which are 4096X4096.

Check out this cool "Making Of" video!

I love 'behind-the-scenes' stuff!

Thanks DigiVault!!!

...and then I couldn't believe my eyes!

I've wanted this from the start! It was a plan to use various parts of this bundle to create the new version of the Dartanbeck character!

I've already got pretty far on a new version, so we'll see if I end up being able to use Scott 6 as the new Dart, or if I'll stick with what I've got going on. I'm definitely adding his morphs at the very least!

There were many other Pro Bundles in this same sale, but I already owned everything that was in them! LOL

I love it when Daz 3d shares the love like this!

Yes, this beauty was found in the PC+ for a Day event! Sweet, eh?!!!

Spikey Dragon is one of the eight Dragon Clutch dragons by DinoRaul before he passed (we shall forever miss you, my friend!)

Once in her grasp, there's no getting away. She'll back into you, swing her tail into you, or go head on into you, piercing you with her plethora of spikes. So, after you buy her, please keep your distance.

Introducing Spiky Dragon - A equal opportunity dragon when it comes to falling prey to her attacks.

For Genesis 3 Female(s), this jacket (converted) looks Great on Rosie! :)

It comes with several shaping morphs and a whole slew of great leather colors!

Conversion Tip:

If we have a tough time converting newer things down to Genesis, try loading in a fresh copy of the item, then go Edit > Figure > Rigging > Convert Weighted to Triax, then run the Transfer Utility.

I also used Fit Control on Genesis to add a whole pile of additional morphs! ;)

Fit Control!

(I've had this for some time - and placed this here for more info)

Using Fit Control for Genesis and Genesis 2 Female(s) allows the ability to add a whole slew of additional morphs, not just for fitting and adjusting for more realistic draping, but also for revealing, closing, raising, lowering, expanding and pinching important parts of the clothing for immense individuality!

It's easy to use too:

With everything that we want morphs added to conformed to our figure, launch the script and it will add custom morphs to all conformed items!

See more that we can do with Genesis 1 in my Genesis 1 Rocks! article and download my Genesis 1 MorphForms+ pack Here

Speaking of Fit Control...

In the final day of the Event I used some of the massive PA discounting to get my hands on Fit Control For Genesis 8 Male and Female Bundle, along with the Fit Control Addon for Genesis 3 and 8 Females.

The one for Genesis 3 Females won't work until I get the main product for Genesis 3 Female - just FYI.

These morphs really come in handy, especially when we can't find the exact costume we're looking for. Just think outside the box a bit, pick something cool, alter it up a bit with the Geometry Editor, perhaps even Hexagon or Carrara, then fit it to Genesis 8, in this case, apply the Fit Control script, which asks us which clothing we want to add the morphs to.

It adds a whole lot of morphs - especially with the addon - to completely reshape the outfit or simply make necessary tweaks to make it work the way we want it to. When we're done, there's another script we can run that removes all unused Fit Control morphs from any garment we select. Very cool kit!

I dedicated the last day of this sale mostly toward finishing a new Rosie 8.

I still don't have much for Genesis 8, so I wanted to at least keep things moving forward.

I'm not in any hurry to retire Rosie 5.2 - heavens no! But the cool part is that the way this is working out so far, they can both act in the same premier!

I liked Thorne and Handspan Studio's "Lara for Genesis 8 Female" right from the start, and this gave me the perfect start.

This next entry is who I got to blend with Lara:

This little cutie has plenty of the features that would blend really well with Lara to end up with a great Rosie 8. She's got a very expressive sort of face, works great as a younger version of the Rosie characters, and has more great textures to choose from.

Both her and Lara are top-notch characters, so I think this is going to work well.

After having some difficulty getting started with Genesis 8, I picked up a cool script from RiverSoft Art: Character Convertor: Genesis 8 Female to Genesis 3 Female.

The plan was to send Lara's shapes to G3F, then use GenX2 to send those shapes from G3F to Genesis 1.

Lara is so stylized, with large eyes and all, the transfer is a difficult one, which I haven't succeeded with yet - but that's fine. Rosie 5.2 is rockin' just the way she is!

However, since I don't really have a whole lot in the range of Genesis 8, I picked up RiverSoft Art's Character Convertor: Genesis 2 Female to Genesis 8 Female - so now I can send any shapes I want from my legacy collection over to Genesis 8 Female - and it works Great!!!

Rosie 8.2 so far

Just a moment ago I show off that cool Message-Shirt-Magic Bundle, which is a great thing to have when we're working toward building a new character - and I have to say: Those various shirts work really well in dForce, and the way we put messages on them is absolutely ingenious!!!

This time around there was yet another amazing - similar product that was practically given away at this event:

Although I haven't spent a whole lot of time with this one yet, I did try it out enough to know that it Is Really Cool!!!

We begin by loading the base dress onto our figure, then we follow the library folders down, in numerical order, making selections as to how we want the sleeves shaped, neckline, the dress shape itself - we can even make a bunch of different kinds of shirts if we don't need or want a dress.

Then there's also a library entry where we can just wing it on own own without following the steps. It's Really Cool!!!

The rest of my final day's grabs went to more environment and terrain features that I've snuck in where they fit within this article.

The final two Andrey Pestryakov scene kits mentioned above, a couple excellent new sets from Petipet and two more from the "Scapes Backdrops" series from ImagineX

Yeah... I think I scored BIG during this month, and there was very little cost involved. This is why I'm doing this, just to help show how fun and inspiring it can be to be a PC+ Member. Even when these major sales events aren't taking place, there's always something great being given to us at Obscenely Low Prices!

Enjoy the rest of the article ;)

More Cool stuff from Petipet!

The Dominator Archon is brand new, and is intricate, scary-looking, and just plain awesome!

City Roads is a useful kit that's been in my wish list for a long time. Four different textures of road with sidewalks and street props - this set comes with a really nice set of roadway building blocks!

More Wonderful Legacy Clothing!!!

Two separate products (and there are more available by ImagineX) that help to quickly add distant horizons to our scenes in a very efficient way.

Both come with curved and straight backdrop planes with several Alpha mapped scenes to choose from.

They also each come with a water plane

...and on the last day of the event:

The Forsaken Elevator, stuck on the basement level of a haunted hotel. Originally built in 1856 - the hotel was refurbished in 1921 only to close down for good in October of 1933 due to many unfortunate events that still haunt the old hotel to this day. Many claim to hear screams and moaning upon stepping into the old service elevator.

This set comes with the elevator and full basement level which includes pipe ducts, a mini boiler tank and gate sections that can be moved, sized, hidden or deleted from the scene separately. The ceiling can be moved, hidden or deleted, the left wall and back wall are also separate.

The elevator doors open and close independently, the bars open and close as well.

This set includes one scene subset. Once loaded elements can be moved, hidden, deleted or edited separately.

Being a long term fan of Petipet, I am very happy to finally add this gem to my collection! It's amazing - with all of the great products I have from him, there's still a lot more to collect!

Great stuff at great prices - insanely inexpensive for PC+ members!!!

Attention all explorers, wayfarers, and intergalactic traders - Alpha City, on the planet Edessa, is your new home

The props that form this modular city can be arranged and designed any way you can think of. stackable apartments, dwellings, storage containers and boxes come with tons of additional props to further customize your futuristic settlement.

Alpha City includes rigged & moveable parts, Material options, and all the options you need to build your own Sci-Fi, fantasy, or modern city on an alien planet.

Formerly known as "Rane", Kara makes these Adventurer's Toybox offerings. ATVE = Adventurer's Toybox Vehicles Edition, and there is quite the growing collection of these fine devices!

Oddity is an incredible little craft and, like all of Kara's products, is packed with options!

We here at Haille Valley are proud to present to you, for the first time, an import! This beautiful oddity of a plane is more than capable as your above average interceptor or simple runabout for the Badland's flights. Featuring multiple directional thrusters, including the tried and true RCS or Reaction Control System, this nimble little number is a worthy addition to any fleet. It comes automatically equipped with a pair of heavy machine guns, as well as a pair of wing-tip mounted missile rail hardpoints. (2 missiles are also included at no extra charge.)

The seat is a forward-leaning racing seat, suitable for both males and females, though the cockpit might be cramped for our... bigger customers. That said, the cockpit does come fully equipped with its own HUD, thankfully compatible in style with our helmet, which is ALSO included at no extra charge.

(Artist's notes: There are multiple options for maneuvering with this particular bird. I have set up a textured thruster-nacelle-based maneuvering set of preset materials, hard object control surfaces and the RCS. That said, all of the sub-parts use different material names, but all of the bits in my Mods Kit use the same textures per sub-part. So while the presets may not work between the different kit vehicles, they all use the same textures. The textures used in the SOA Board will work with this set, vice versa. Well, for the sub-parts that are used in both, that is.)

Fly into adventure with The Oddity.

After trying out a few of the Iray shader presets by JGreenlees that I was awarded freely, being a PC+ member, I have now started to actively seek them out. Great maps with nice, easy-to-use presets, and using valzheimer's ORK (Octane Render Kit), they convert perfectly into beautiful Octane shaders that have been very easy for me to tweak into custom shaders, when I need to.

Here are three more kits I've picked up in the event (one was included in the above bundle):

- Digital Art Live

This looks cool!

I've already started a bit of a history of Daz3d Humans, and I only got as far as showing Victoria's timeline, so this will be an interesting look at how well these artists enjoy their work with Victoria!

It looks like it's mostly focused on Victoria 4, and I also have my own appreciation page for her - she's such a well-made and versatile figure.

Beyond which version of Vicky is used, this video session looks like a blast - absorb techniques and styles of other 3D Figure users. Popcorn is made and I'm ready to download it and take the plunge!


On one day if we bought a single Debut Release item, we could get an extra discount on the 50% off that was already in place for "Staff Picks" offerings.

I had a little budget, but it was enough to grab these Staff Picks along with a BYOB (Build your own Bundle of eight more items that follow.

What a Score!!!!

Trigger Item

The Forbidden Place - David Brinnen and ForbiddenWhispers

This is the Debut Release that I bought to get the extra discount on the Staff Picks below.

Quite frankly, this is an Awesome set!!!

I love the works of both David and ForbiddenWhispers and am no stranger to buying their products whether on sale or not - so this was a win-Win!

It's going to be fun including this in my work!

Staff Pick

Subdividing Genesis 8 to a level of 4 makes for a lot of virtual polygons to sculpt with - and that's what we get here!

Incredible details throughout, works well with all of my other G8M morphs, the textures are stunning, and he animates very nicely!

I've got him all animated and rendering as I type this!

Man, he looks Mean!!!

Staff Pick

Again with the level 4 Subdivision, this sculpt is horrifyingly perfect as (what I will use as) a group of minions for the Orcs HD!

I'm glad I bought all of those clones to use clothing, etc., from any generation on Genesis 8 because I have some pretty cool armor and adventure wear that will likely look great on these Green skins!

Prankers and mischief makers, these creatures are also more clever than their larger, stronger Orc cousins.

Staff Pick

And yet another amazing high-level sculpt!

Okay, he might be promoted and sold as an Alien, but I'll be using this creature as another version of Green skin.

Much smaller than the Orcs and even the Hobgoblins, this formidable little monster has a much better thinker than either of them. Brains over brawn, is what they always say.

It's cool that he even comes with a Green skin texture!

* Staff Picks are items that the Daz 3d staff pick as their favorites or most recommended products available.

They generally have a very high standard while still maintaining Daz 3d's incredible price point.

There are individual Staff Picks items as well as bundles made up only of Staff Picks, which are always a great value!


This is the bundle I built to round out my order.

All of this stuff has a place in my production, so it was yet another great score. In fact, I'm using the Gothic Mohawk Hair on Zargog, the leader of my new Orc HD clan!

Another BYOB

This is a BYOB collection that I grabbed one day during the event because, again, it's all stuff that fits right in with what I'm doing, what I have, and what I need.

It bothers me that I didn't have this upon its initial release!

Created by our very own Tango Alpha, from the family of Carrara enthusiasts, this immense kit comes as both Carrara and Daz Studio installers.

Packed with goodies for use in any scene, this one will be an excellent scene to explore in whatever software you use!

Just have a look at the product page's promo images. Inside and out, this whole thing is fully detailed out!

I was just looking for something just like this!

That's one of my favorite things about these spectacular sales - there's never a shortage of "Needs" to be found, even if we have to dig deep through a whole bunch of goodies to find them.

It just so happens that the character I need this for is already planned as a Genesis 3 Male - so this is a real win-Win!!!

Another nice pair of scene kits by another of my favorites - SoulessEmpathy!

The Round Tome is really cool - it can be underground (with a ceiling to complete the illusion) or above, with no ceiling at all.

Side Street is a nice little downtown scene, perfect for all kinds of everyday drama.

I have quite a large collection of SoulessEmpathy content.

Another piece to my rather large West Park collection. I must be close to having the whole set, except for some of the awesome texture packs for them.

I love collecting Everything by Jack! Not only are they really well modeled with amazing textures, but the also come as preloads and individual prop kits.

This whole West Park series is just as aged and scary as this one. They're really easy to work with and fun to light and render!


Along with Window to the New World above, I was also able to grab a few more goodies!!!

We also got wonderful freebie plants from Martin J Frost, who has been awarding PC+ members with beautiful free plants for quite some time now. I love them!

So I'll be building a whole page just on Martin J Frost's plants - stay tuned!

- to be continued...

The month is still young. Let's see what else the Semi-Annual PC+ Event brings! :)

Ever want to turn your 3D creations into something tangible? Something useful or even a cool action figure for the desk?

We have a new thread in the Carrara forum all about making this happen!

We also have CREALITY, bringing 3D Printing to us at incredibly reasonable prices!

They even offer upgraded kits!

CREALITY excels at selling 3D Printers for less than $300 USD, and we're talkin' about the famous Ender 3, not the bargain basement brands that just become a big ol' household paperweight!

and support this site at the same time!!! :) Thanks!!! :)

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