I Am Dragon

I normally don't do these - or at least I haven't.

I've recently decided to watch a film that I always wanted to, but subtitled movies where the actors speak in a different language usually aren't my thing.

I'm really glad that I put that aside and watched the Russian film: I Am Dragon

A beautifully written fairy tale, brought to the screen in all the best ways - Great writing, excellent performances, gorgeous cinematography, emotional musical score and Spot-Freaking-On CG VFX that blends in so seamlessly that we forget to notice that it's CG!

Yeah, the trailer is cool and there are other fan videos made for this film, but I wanted to do something that helps to show the beauty of the lighting/cinematography, acting and CG. After all, I watched this just after trying to put to words the importance of good dramatic lighting in our scenes, and this flick is amazing in that department.

My Story

In this Fan-Edit, I've actually removed the amazing story that's interweaving with the clips that I've used to make this - which was hard because the story is So Good and the performance between the actors is incredibly engaging. But I didn't want to spoil it for the audience or for the filmmakers.

So my story is a bit different. 

Mira, a young maiden who has always fantasized about dragons, gets abducted by one in the middle of her wedding ceremony and is swept away.

Injured and terrified, isolated and alone, Mira must summon her inner courage to find a way to escape - but first, she must survive!

All looks even more grim when she realized that the island she's stranded upon is actually the remains of a colossal dragon - perished long ago and has since turned to stone.

A Must Watch!

My little edit was made up from little bits and pieces from what is actually just a tiny piece of this incredible masterpiece, and within those tiny fragments is a captivating story with brilliant performances.

I strongly recommend this film!

Check out the I Am Dragon imdb page

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