Millennium Teeth

If you've read the article on EYEdeas 3+, this product wasn't nearly as easy to get working correctly.


Being such a legacy product (made during the Generation 3 phase - Michael 3/Victoria 3, etc.,) as well as being a Daz Original item, I didn't pay much at all for these, so I just considered that it was worth a try when I failed at getting these working.

As what often happens when I fail at something in Carrara that I really wanted to do, I lost sleep over it. Not a lot, but... yeah. Lost sleep!

Each of those sleeplessness experiences drew me closer and closer to the answer. I just need to bring these Millennium Teeth into the model room and tweak on the shapes of the inner mouth portions.

Hmmm... I think I'm getting ahead of myself here!

This set of teeth comes as a conforming figure. You can try to auto-fit these things. Go on... I dare you! LOL

Nah, I'll save you some time. Just don't do it.

Instead, select 'model' and go

  1. Edit > Fenric > Unlock Figure

  2. Animation > Detach Skeleton

  3. Drag 'model' out of the hierarchy and delete the hierarchy you've just dragged it from

It's easy and something that all Carrara animation artists want to get used to doing - especially in this day and age*

So now just duplicate the whole set go into the Model room and check out how easy it is to select the upper and lower halves simply by selecting by shading domain. So cool! Get either the top or the bottom half fully selected and delete it. Now enter the Model room with the duplicate, choose "Create New" in the dialog, select the opposite half than the one you've deleted earlier, and delete it.

Back in the Assemble room, select each of them in turn and go Edit > Zero Hot Point.

Now we just need to position and scale, position and scale, position and scale... until we get the teeth where we want them to be, and at the scale we want them to be and then parent the upper set to the Upper Jaw and the lower set to the Lower Jaw. Well here's where the problem arose for me. Up until now the procedure has been easy peasy!

The problem I had (I think) was likely due to Rosie's new very stylized head shape. Her bottom jaw is so tiny that I even have to be careful with regular mouth control morphs to keep the actual Genesis inner mouth from poking through! But these Millennium Teeth outer portions of the inner mouth were really a problem.

I just needed to relax and take my time with just the right amount of soft selection in the model room, while looking at the preview window at the same time, being ever so careful not to wreck the needed inner mouth.

(made during the Generation 3 phase - Michael 3/Victoria 3, etc.,)


It's about time that the Millennium figures had some anatomically correct, morphable Millennium Teeth for those close up renders! Whether you're looking for a sexy smile, vampire fangs, dentist-averse gums or a monster maw (or even just dentures), now you can add a degree of realism and versatility previously unknown to Poser. With 17 morphs, 2 texture maps, 2 bump maps, and 34 MAT files, your easily customized chompers will attract all the attention!

This model will conform to your Millennium Figures*. (Just read in the character first, then the teeth, and then conform!) The teeth can also be parented, or manually posed/morphed for customizing to Millennium or other Poser characters. With individual materials for the front 12 teeth, you can cap them or knock them out in any combination you'd like. Morphs may also be mixed and matched on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both together for a truly unique look.

Each tooth was sculpted to a 10 inch model using Dental reference materials to achieve accurate crown shape and occlussial surface. The teeth were then painstakingly hand digitized and modeled to a high resolution which resulted in a model with 13695 polys for the crowns and gums. (No roots.) Further care was taken for proper positioning of each tooth with the others to attain correct bite

What's Included and Features


  • 4 .CR2 and Corresponding .OBJ Files

  • 17 Morphs

  • *Included on Bottom Teeth

    • PrimaryGap

    • Slant

    • Crooked*

    • VeryCrooked*

    • IncisorLg

    • WisdomGone*

    • MolarsGone*

    • Chip

    • BigChip

    • PriGumHeal*

    • GumDisease*

    • CaninesLong*

    • Vampire*

    • Nosferatu

    • Sharp*

    • Wolf*

    • Dentures*

  • Transparency Options and 2 Texture Maps

    • BadTeethGums@3000x3000

    • GoodTeethGums@3000x3000

  • 2 Bump Maps

    • BadTeethGumsB@3000x3000

    • GoodTeethGumsB@3000x3000

  • 34 MAT Files in ProPack and Poser 4 Formats

    • MAP Healthy Both, MAP Healthy Gums, MAP Healthy Teeth, MAP Unhealthy Both, MAP Unhealthy Gums, MAP Unhealthy Teeth, MAT Gold BL Canine, MAT Gold BL Cen Incisor, MAT Gold BL Lat Incisor, MAT Gold BR Canine, MAT Gold BR Cen Incisor, MAT Gold BR Lat Incisor, MAT Gold TL Canine, MAT Gold TL Cen Incisor, MAT Gold TL Lat Incisor, MAT Gold TR Canine, MAT Gold TR Cen Incisor, MAT Gold TR Lat Incisor, MAT Sil BL Cen Incisor, MAT Sil BL Lat Incisor, MAT Sil BLCanine, MAT Sil BR Canine, MAT Sil BR Cen Incisor, MAT Sil BR Lat Incisor, MAT Sil TL Cen Incisor, MAT Sil TL Lat Incisor, MAT Sil TLCanine, MAT Sil TR Canine, MAT Sil TR Cen Incisor, MAT Sil TR Lat Incisor, MAT White Gums, MAT White Teeth, MAT Yellow Teeth, Default

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