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Platinum Club + Experience - It's amazing how much value we can get from this service if we check in often! Even with little internet time I've been able to really fill up my library over the years - and the yearly membership cost is tiny comparatively

What a Fantastic place to learn, share and absorb anything and everything Art!

Led by Paul Bussey, this fantastic place has a beautiful forum with an endless supply of topics - and we can join courses and training, or just hang out with the group and discuss and enjoy art!

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Daz Content

Daz 3D Content - Mainly just a container/landing page, but will eventually be really cool!

Daz Studio

Daz Studio - I've started this page to help gather information towards learning this amazing suite called Daz Studio. As I learn I'll be expanding this whole section, but I like this page now already. I update it when I can - several times so far.

When it comes to Poser and Poser-like software, Daz 3D has been a forerunner in the industry of making and selling content for this format right from their first steps in creating the company with a realistic, rigged, morphable 3d human named Victoria, The Millennium Woman. From that point forward, Daz 3d has done an amazing job at keeping up with what trickles down the pipeline from the Feature Film industry that we can use for our 3d character figure needs.

Daz 3d continues to push the limits of technology, making beautiful realistic human figures, animals, creatures, and now the software that renders it all to life. We might get more into Daz 3d history another time. But for now, I'll be discussing how Daz 3d can provide us the assets we need and the animations we want. In a later section, I'll also discuss how we can use Daz Studio as a means to turn our own 3d creations into our own custom assets. We can even sell them if we make them good enough!

Daz 3d now offers their Pro version of the software for FREE. I've had Daz Studio on a machine since version 0.7beta. I never really used it much, but wanted to have it for times when I might want to just mess around and see if I would get to know it better.

Nowadays, Daz Studio is nothing short of amazing! I still cannot get myself to enjoy using it more than I like Carrara - not even close. But it has grown into such an amazing tool. Even if we don't use it as our main tool, it has an incredible Content Creation Tools suite that make custom content creation a breeze! It also was the first software to offer nVidia's PBR render solution - Iray.

Daz Studio Page Quick Map

I also have a special page for using Daz Studio for creating content: Content Creation Tools

Also check out my Modeling for Genesis page

see my PC+ Cloth Frenzy - buying clothes has never been so affordable - or nearly as versatile!

Daz 3d Content Marketplace

I prefer to use Carrara Pro as my 3d rendering software so my biggest priority with Daz 3d is to utilize their incredible marketplace. Daz 3d makes amazing content and they also publish many other artists' products - really good artists making really good content!

We'll use our Wishlist to prioritize our purchases and we'll visit frequently because those wishlisted items might get put on sale for an incredibly low price one day!

We should also join the Platinum Club + membership. I let my membership lapse for a short time after I had already collected an invaluable wealth of content. I was amazed at the price difference.

I feel that Daz 3d has really good prices for the things that I buy. Being a PC+ member since I've gotten into all of this, not having it really made the affordability of collecting assets change. So I got back into it, and don't ever want to live without a PC+ membership again!

Membership or not, I think you'll agree that, if you need assets, Daz3d rocks in quality, quantity, and affordability. I love grabbing those big bundles when they go on sale. Such a great way to build a really good asset library so I always have everything I need in my own browser.

Some of My Personal Favorites is a page that will be growing as I get the time to fill it.

It's a page dedicated to some of my favorite content from Daz 3D that I use in Carrara. I thought it would be a helpful showcase of product both legacy and new and everywhere in between that is known to work in Carrara. Helps take some of the guess work out of it. 

I'll also try and make notes about the author - some of these content artists have a knack for making things that just plain work - and work well!

Check out some highlights on Daz 3D Bundles to get a Lot of Bang for your Buck!

Appreciation for Your Support!

In honor of the Wonderful People who enjoy what I do enough to offer support, This Appreciation Page is For You!

For those who have asked to remain anonymous, I have not included you in there. If you'd like to be included, I'd Love to!

Anonymous or otherwise, I really appreciate your Support - and All of it goes Directly into what I'm working on at that time, so it's a Huge benefit. Thank You So Much!!! 

Every opportunity I get to make improvements is a delightful boon and helps push everything forward!

Special Thanks to All of You who donate a Gift Card Code!

I really appreciate it. 

It's one of the only ways I can get this stuff and report back about it

- it Truly helps this site flourish!

Simply buy a Daz 3D Gift Card and Just Send me a PM with the Gift Card Code

So Thank You!!!

If you have monster video cards on your system, GoFigure makes some tools that might make Daz Studio a bit more friendly for keyframe animation. *** Update: These awesome tools have been acquired by Daz 3D and included with the latest Daz Studio!!! Thanks Daz 3D!!!   Here's Steph to show us a demo of the new Graph Editor - previously GraphMate, by GoFigure:

Use the Gizmo on the left (or the following links) to filter between the following:

Blacksmith 3D       *  Daz Studio        *  Poser        *  Reality        *  Reallusion        *  Sixus 1 

...and Have Fun Learning New Skills and Techniques!!!   :)

Daz3d is also very helpful in providing free training and information to help everyone accomplish their needs.

From basic setup to endeavoring to become a Daz3d Premier Artist, selling your own art... they have extensive help available, which I think is quite awesome!


In the Daz3d realm, Genesis has been surpassed by three more generations already - Genesis 2, then three, and now, to make it easier to keep the numbering system the same as their Character line, Genesis 8.

These are all amazing figures. In fact, I still get great use from the earlier generation than Genesis, Generation 4, which includes Michael 4, Victoria 4, Aiko 4, and the rest of the family. There's still a LOT of great content available for them and they were an incredible advancement in rigged 3d figures at their time too. Daz3d has always been a forerunner in this industry.

All that said, Carrara 8.5 was created to allow for Genesis compatibility, which works really well through the Genesis 2 line of figures. It was Quaternion Skinning technology introduced in Genesis 3 that broke the compatibility with Carrara 8.5

Again... this doesn't really bother me too much since I get great use from earlier tech figures.

Since Carrara 8.5 was released during the Genesis 1 phase, its bundled content includes a fine selection of gear from that line, including both Michael 5 and Victoria 5 and some nice goodies to go with them. Carrara pro costs a lot less than the content it comes with - and the discount is beyond ridiculous if you have a PC+ Membership.

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I love to help others as best I can. This is a rather broad topic: CG Filmmaking, so my articles on any particular topic may not answer your specific question.

Most of the questions directed to me are regarding Carrara or How did I do this?

For these sorts of things, post your question at the Carrara Discussion Forum (or another appropriate category) at Daz 3D.com forums, and if I don't see it right away, someone else might. They are such a friendly and helpful bunch! I've learned so much from that forum over the years!

For a more immediate question directed to me, log into those forums and Send me a PM!

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