Check out a little rundown on all of the different option we have - they're All great!!!

From the amazing fairy artistry of Thorne at Daz 3D, Mika 7's adorable face and small proportions made her an excellent candidate as a starting point for Rosie 7 - a Rosie hero figure I'm working on that may be able to cross between both Daz Studio and Carrara. We'll see how that works out.

Also by Thorne, this little spitting image of Rosie 5 is the new base figure shape for the new Rosie 8 WIP, who is also darting between Daz Studio and Carrara. In fact, I'm having more luck in Carrara with the beta Veronica Wr8th Genesis 8 Female preset for Carrara than I am with Janette 8, but Genesis 3 Female has been easier for me to work with as far as my aniBlock collections.

Both Rosie 7 and 8 are sporting this gorgeous hair, which also has added rigging bones for awesome posing and animation possibilities!

Alita Battle Angel?

Man! I was looking around in the Daz 3D store and found this amazing product, and at a Great Price!

Not an actual look-alike, which I think is really cool, and the suit that comes with it is nothing short of Stunning!

I'm not actually looking to make Alita animations, but as a huge Alita fan, I just had to include this to my collection, and thanks to Misty's Genesis 8 support, I can even bring this little lovely into Carrara! :)


Syph is a beautiful stylized character with Custom Head and Body Morphs for Genesis 8 Female. She has a complete texture set including Anatomical Element support.

Syph also comes with a Geometry Shell Cyborg Armor, 7 eye colors and 7 face paints. The materials are Iray optimized. Perfect for all your scenes.

What's Included and Features

  • Syph and Bodysuit for Genesis 8 Female (.DUF)

  • Character Preset

  • Mech Skin Geo-Shell

  • Shaping Presets:

    • Full Apply/Rem

    • Head Apply/Rem

    • Body Apply/Rem

  • Material Options:

    • 1 Base Skin

    • 1 Anatomical Elements

    • 1 Eyelashes

    • 7 Eye Colors

    • 7 Makeups + Natural Face

  • Textures Include:

    • 85 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Specular, Reflection, Transparency and Normal Maps (2048 x 2048 up to 4096 x 4096)

  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Gianni 6 is an excellent, buff Genesis 2 Male figure, and Atticus tops him off with persona!

Set him up with or without facial and/or body hair, with or without tattoos, this product comes packs with the options I like to see! Normal maps, displacement maps for the hairy add-ons, highly detailed texture maps... this is a winner!


Atticus is an amazing new character for Gianni 6.

As if Gianni didn't look amazing enough, this new character adds all new head and body shapes, multiple facial hair options as well as body hair and tattoo options. Atticus is a warrior at its finest and an amazing addition to your content library and scenes.

Whether fighting opponents, riding dragons or attending the latest party, you can count on Atticus to bring out the best in your renders.

One of the (many) extremely cool packs available for Genesis 1, this Gorilla is one amazing looking character!

Since I've had this, I've found that the shaping dials included are great for all sorts of monsters and creatures. Just a tiny touch of the dial can go a long way!

This pack doesn't include any materials, but what it adds for shapes is truly invaluable if you're looking to create creatures - even friendly otherworldly beings.

This is a bundle of Creature Creator Heads and Creature Creator Bodies, and the shape dials go a long way toward tweaking even non-creature characters.

But Wow, can this pack ever help with Creature Creation!!!

Also available for the other versions of Genesis and Generation 4 figures.

This pack comes with the adorable character herself along with clothing and hair as well!

While you're at it, do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the 3D Universe collection.

A truly amazing selection of stylized characters for most generations of figure - even stand-alone!

Jazlyn's face was a major part of the Rosie 5 creation process.

I've wanted to add this fellow to my collection since he came out. I finally got him in 2020's PC+ Anniversary Sale.

Rosie 5, 7 and 8 are quite stylized characters based on base figure shapes by Daz 3D that are meant to be stylized and a bit tooney.

The Guy 7 was designed as the counterpart Male to The Girl. I guess there was an earlier generation The Guy figure by Daz 3D, but didn't do very well in sales, so he didn't follow the rest of the family through the generations.

The question is, do I use this guy as a base starting point for Dartanbeck 7? We shall see! :)

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