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I've been a fan of 3-d-c from the very beginning. It began with his very nice freebie series of Sci-Fi Corridors, which led me to his store, where I found a wealth of kits that fit that same look and feel - in fact, they were built and textured to work together - this would be his "2260" series.

With the 2260 series we load in just the elements that we need and the scene ends up being light and efficient, even though the scene is a massive Battlestar interior Packed with Details! 

3-D-C's Command & Control Center 2260 with nine of Predatron's LoRez figures (animated)

The modular approach to his 2260 series makes it possible to load in the entire shell of a particular kit, for example, and use that as an entirely different part of the station or ship, which is really cool! And the Freebie Corridor sections fit right up with them.

For example, I have a scene preset put together that uses the hull of the Sci Fi - Bar 2260 without any of the bar/restaurant elements and use that as a part of a ship or space station where the corridors open up into a larger area. I use it as storage rooms, plazas, and even just corridors where I'd like some extra camera room.

All of these kits can be used like that because the details that make them the scenes that they are get loaded separately from the main shell of the scene. So it's really quite an enormous collection. 

His Free Stuff section has all manner of details for filling these with different elements.

Using the entire 2260 series along with the freebies that go along with it, I've saved many configurations and construction kits for scenes into my Carrara browser, with lights attached and atmosphere where it made sense to do so - so I can quickly load or snap together a wonderful Sci-Fi scene in mere minutes!

What's really nice about such a system is that I can animate my figures in an entirely empty scene, and then after everything is all worked out, build or load a scene around it - which is really quite simple and very effective.

3-D-C 2260 series collection at Renderosity  

It might not be overly apparent (which is good, I think) but this whole series takes on a very similar look to the Battlestar Galactica - and even includes a BSG badge for the Command Center.

I think it's really cool that it's not similar enough to be considered copying, yet similar enough to feed that cool feel to those of us who Love that series and the whole look of it!

Make sure that you check out the rest of his store, but also get to his freebies section and get those corridors!!!

I've really only spoken of his 2260 series in here so far, but my collection of his goods goes waaaay beyond that. I love his Apocalyptica series, Industrial, natural and other Sci Fi/Fantasy content as well.

I'll have to show you more when I get a chance!

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