Using aniBlocks for Entirely Different Motions

I'm all fired up because I just got the Zombie pack that I really wanted by Mocap Online

Rosie wanted me to buy something small to test out a new credit card - make sure it works before we need it tomorrow. 

When not on sale, this pack is over $40 and worth every penny. But with the Wishlist sale, I got a Massive discount! 

I couldn't take it anymore. I paused the animation I was rendering, cleared the scene and built a really cool animation. It's nothing like the actual motion anymore but it looks Fantastic so far. Simulating the hair as I type this. 

Seriously, check out the SketchFab preview of this pack. While you're in 3D mode watching these motions, try thinking outside the box. Imagine that it's not a Zombie, but one of your favorite characters. Now what could you do differently to the motion (if anything at all) to make it work on that character? Thinking along these lines... you'll start to see something. The more you start putting these techniques to use, the more your mind will open up as you look at motions. 

You'll start seeing partials in the motions that could really benefit you - so you'll take a break from what you were doing, save your work, load in a base figure and start applying the aniBlocks, Bake to the Timeline, select all of the keys for the partial you want to make and copy them. Clear the figure - Paste. Go back to aniMate 2 and Create New aniBlock from Timeline. Get rid of the original aniBlock, re-enable the aniMate timeline, right-click > Save As New, and put it in your Partials folder! Harder to type and/or read than it is to do!

You don't have to be working on a superhero movie to find good use from a superhero pack. Just saying! ;)

I just used one of the Zombie Walks (Walk In Place - no forward movement) from my new pack, and made a "Rough Ride" on a motorcycle animation out of it.

Watching this animation both through the render camera and from a distance through Perspective view, it looks kinda cool!!!

See it in rendered action at 1:45 of the video below

See the Creating Partial aniBlocks article for more information

...and if you have any questions about any of this, Reply to the thread - I monitor it often so answers come quickly!

I chose the Missile Silo because

By happy accident, I was able to line up the perfect situation for the bumpiest part of the ride - how it turned out after manipulating Rosie with the bike parented to her. She bumps into the air and lands. Following the speed of the bike and where I began in the Silo, she hits a big mass of giant wires which knocks her off the track she was on into the concrete channel that surround the water. Turned out really cool!

So that's also where I got the idea to use the Zombie Walk for this. That cool Aldecaldo-style Cyberpunk motorcycle - another asset I've been dying to get my hands on. It has "Run me on rough terrain" written all over it.

Previewing those cool new Zombie animations, I immediately has ideas for using them as "Rosie is beaten and exhausted" starter motions and other action hero style animations. The idea of using them to make a bike ride never entered my mind - until I decided that I wanted to see this cool bike in my Studio for the first time.

So before I even loaded the motorcycle, I ran Rosie through all of the "In Place" walk cycles in the pack. There were quite a few good ones - and the one I chose works absolutely perfect!!!

►►► Cyberpunk Motorcycle - Charlie ►►►

If you have any questions or comments, 

Reply to the thread - I monitor it often so answers come quickly!

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