What a Fantastic place to learn, share and absorb anything and everything Art!

Led by Paul Bussey, this fantastic place has a beautiful forum with an endless supply of topics - and we can join courses and training, or just hang out with the group and discuss and enjoy art!

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Digital Art Live (DAL) is a truly wonderful learning experience. Here's how it works:

While there are a lot of excellent courses from DAL sold through Daz 3d, which is how I first discovered them, Digital Art Live is actually a much more full-blown learning experience in its true form - online courses done live, allowing interaction between instructor and attendees that get recorded. Shortly after each lesson is completed we get a copy of the recording that is annotated with everything that was said allowed and in chat in a manner which follows the video presentation allowing for even further magic - a Search! So we can search for key words and the results will show in the window. Selecting an option takes us to that part of the presentation - video and text alike!

We don't have to see the text. In fact, by default it's closed. Click a familiar little Chat icon and it all pops open. Very Cool!!!

But wait, there's More!!!

A short time before a course begins, a whole new discussion forum is created in the DAL Studio. Attendees get access to it upon joining the course and that forum remains open to them from that time forward! It's really cool!!! Converse with anyone and everyone who taught or took the course, even years and years down the road? That's really cool! And that's all searchable too. 

The Digital Art Live Studio (you should join for free and check it out!) is a beautifully created forum that doesn't look like a forum. It looks like a place for artists to hang out. It has its own chat system for personal messaging between members, free topics galore to explore and participate in, and all manner of wonderful articles and posts that are inspiring, fun, colorful and just plain good for the psyche - great for the artistic brain! 

A New Free Digital Art Live Webinar Series

Creative Cart is a wonderful idea concocted by Paul as we were looking for ways to harness the love I share for my Daz 3d experiences on this site, into a series of Free online webinars.

After a few wonderful meetings (all meetings with Paul Bussey are Wonderful!!!) he came up with this brilliant idea and, together we've shaped it into - what we think will be something very special!

Creative Cart is a Massive endeavor and has it's own special place on this site as well as in the Digital Art Live Studio forum. These locations will have special sub pages and categories for each webisode!

My Digital Art Live Courses

What feels like the very beginning often is. My first course is released and I'm hard at work putting together more - passing on these beneficial workflow ideas that I've been trying to put to text all this time. My earlier video tutorials might be kind of fun and certainly laughable, getting together with Paul Bussey and talking to other authors has given me a whole new, much more efficient approach to sharing these stories.

I'll use this landing page to house the individual pages as these courses are produced. 

Paul and I are at it again! We thought it would be a Great idea to demonstrate ways to Really perform some Cool Magic with your Daz Studio work, whether it's animated or still.

This is one session you won't want to miss!

There are many ways to build, save and render our Daz 3D scenes.

In Movie Magic we’ll explore workflows for creating specific, separate renders that are purposely made to be melded together into a single, final image.

Whether for you’re making still images OR animations, these practices add Magic by allowing us total freedom over the look of Every element within the scene.

You’ll see how much Faster we can work – how much more we can get done with an efficient workflow.

The additional tools and elements demonstrated are not essential to the course, but shown to inspire creativity in using them. The main things that we will take away from all of this can be achieved with your own library of content assets.

Check Out Movie Magic!

This was a Fun exploration of Many ways that we can address the problems that many people face when trying to organize, find, install, backup... whatever they wish to do with the content they've purchased.

My friends and I lead the way into many different possibilities within Daz Studio itself as well as the wonderful Daz Install Manager, which I use All the Time to help get the most out of my content - including using it for inspiration.

This is a two session workshop

The Webinar was a BLAST!!!

Thanks to All of You! Great bunch!!!

Sunday, Decemeber 3rd (part 1) and 10th (part2)

19:00 GMT / 2PM EST / 1PM CST / 12PM MST / 11AM PST

Two Part Event - I will cover all of the Amazing possibilities discussed in this thread Live, so we can get interactive and see a personal view of how we can put all of this to good practice.

aniMate 2 and Daz Studio make for a Powerful combination - making Animating in Daz Studio a real dream come true! I'm Loving It!!!

Cool promotion my little sister made for this Sunday's Webinar!

Thanks Wa'am!!! :)

Laura, aka Wa'am (short for Wamscabam, a name we made for her when she was 3!) is an amazing writer!

Both of my sisters are!

Thanks Wa'am!!!

Event Link for the Webinar

Wa'am has her own Marketing/Copywriter business, Wa'am Writes!

Check it out!

The Event has passed and the course is now available at Daz 3D

We had a lot of fun and covered a lot of Great aniMation features!

Check out the dedicated page for The Power of aniMate 2!

Let's get focused on mastering “aniMate 2” in DAZ Studio! AniMate 2 combines a user-friendly interface with sophisticated features, making it a valuable and core tool for animating your visual stories. 

Dartanbeck uses AniMate 2 at the heart of his workflow and reveals in this tutorial set how to make the most of this and other hyper-useful tools such as LimbStick, Bone Minion and Mixamo for effective animation storytelling in DAZ Studio.

This tutorial set by Dartanbeck is for you if...

This is for you if you want to accomplish:

The Power of aniMate 2 - at Daz 3D

Total tutorial set running time: 5 hours and 1 minute

A Digital Art Live Experience 

Now Available at Daz 3d - a Special new educational course that I've been anxious to share with everyone.

Paul Bussey, from Digital Art Live, offered an amazing opportunity for me to tell my story of how I've unlocked the key to a super-easy approach to animating in Daz Studio - something that a majority of animators consider to be nearly impossible, and for good reason. 

Daz Studio is set up differently than traditional animating software, making it feeling clunky, even unfriendly to folks who are used to animating.

Check out the whole story on my Dynamic Character Animation in Daz Studio page

For Carrara users, the tools that are the highlight of this entire workflow also work in Carrara, since they get added to the actual Base figure, and we can put these tools on anything that has an articulate rig! Sweet!!!

I'm really looking forward to its release, and really looking forward to seeing what animations you all come up with using this fun new way to animate figures!

Adventures in Hexagon with Digital Art Live!

I've known 3D modeling for quite a few years. My first steps into 3D was creating textures which immediately led to me the wonderful world of UV Mapping. 

Most people I talk to don't particularly like UV Mapping but I think it's powerful and wonderful! Enjoying that bit gives me a kind of a fun advantage - I think.

I'm already familiar with the Many modeling tools in Carrara. I really Love Carrara!

Now working in Daz Studio, I really enjoy having the Hexagon bridge. Being able to use Hexagon with Studio like this is very powerful for me because I'm always customizing shapes of content I buy.

Nowadays I'm thinking about making my own stuff rather than (better yet - in addition to...) reshaping purchased content, so I'm going to give a deeper look into my little friend Hexagon.

Made by the same team as Carrara, Hexagon came later as a stand-alone modeler, built as such from the ground up - whereas Carrara was built in the ground up as a complete 3D suite - capable of having more features for this and that added on along the way - and that they did. Carrara is for a Lot More than modeling, yet it has many types of modeler built in as well.

Although there's a huge similarity between Carrara's vertex modeler and Hexagon, there are also a Lot of differences - enough that make it hard for me to figure out how to do some of the things I like to do without a little added direction.

At Daz 3d there are many tutorials in the store and I've had some of the courses in my wish list for a while now, and I finally picked them up. 

Arki and Esha are both seasoned Daz 3d professional artists and I love their work. Well even more so, I've discovered that I really like having them as teachers as well! So now during times when I'm waiting for renders or simulations, I can be learning Hexagon and other things!

Thanks Ladies. You ROCK!!!

Need some of the Industry's Best VFX Elements for your movies at exceptionally great deals?

Look No Further! 

I don't do subscription plans, but AVFX+ is much different - if you cancel, you keep what you got! But they also offer non-subscription sales as well - which is Brilliant! Check them out!

What a Fantastic place to learn, share and absorb anything and everything Art!

Led by Paul Bussey, this fantastic place has a beautiful forum with an endless supply of topics - and we can join courses and training, or just hang out with the group and discuss and enjoy art!

Check Out Creative Cart

Check out Digital Art Live