Daz 3d Dot Com!

Where else on Earth can we buy $200 for $7?

Daz 3d has not only given us an incredible 3D experience through their innovative software and content - along with videos, tutorials and forums to back it all up, but they also have become known to me to be an Incredible Bargain coupled with some of The Best support I've experienced anywhere!

Daz 3d has been a forerunner in the digital human provider since... well... since they started!

I got involved in casually watching them from the sidelines somewhat early on. I know many others who boarded their ship much earlier than I, but I began observing just before the release of Victoria 3. 

I was using Poser 5 and having a lot of fun with the multitudes of content that came with it. When my friend (the same one who turned me on to Poser) introduced me to Daz 3d and The Millennium Woman - now up to her second generation: Victoria 2, which I believe was Victoria 1 with an upgrade, and the plethora of free content available for her at Renderosity, this whole thing started to look like a CG movie-making sand box that I could spend the rest of my days playing in - even though I was still plenty young!

Time passed as I continued to chisel custom stone and play my drums in rock bands, this whole animation thing was not a whole lot more than a fun pastime that I could only get an opportunity to mess with on sparse occasions.

By the time I started feeling serious about it, my Incredible, Beautiful, Wonderful, Super Hero Wife, Rose, planned a budget for me without my knowing. One day she said, casually: "Dartan, you should get that 3d thing you said you wanted to save for - we have enough"

"What 3d Thing", I replied - after which knowing that she could only be talking about the time I mentioned wanting to become a Daz 3d member (Platinum Club, back then) and getting a copy of Carrara 6 Pro. 

By this time Carrara 8 was about to be released, so by buying Carrara 7 Pro, we could get 8 Pro for free when it came out. I ended up getting Carrara 6 Pro (like I wanted originally - but never installed it) along with a Carrara 7 Pro Upgrade, hence getting immediate access to Carrara 8 Pro beta - which was the first 64 bit version, and I just got a new Intel Core2Duo with Windows 7, so I opted to just use that.

Well, her budget knew that I'd be needing content, and the deal I got using the above method gave me even more to spend. Daz 3d is Always like that. Go there to pick up a glass of water, go home spending less money but getting a full feast for dozens of people and a place for them to rest afterwards!

Aside from a very short (but far too long) stint, I've been a Daz + Member ever since - even though it used to be called something else. The savings are phenomenal, and Daz 3d's store has Really Nice Stuff!!!

History lesson aside, Daz 3d continues to Wow me with content and the affordability they offer for All of it. Yeah, they have the really inexpensive and the higher end. But if you notice, the higher prices are almost always a rather nice collection of many products. The Absolute Finest Stuff (and opinions may vary as to what that might be - but it's all included in this) available has amazing price tags - even when not on sale!

So I keep my membership active and I keep collecting. Sometimes I just can't afford anything. But the Daz + Membership means that I never have to go a month without getting myself something nice. There's a the monthly freebies for members, but then one of the membership coupons also grants me either a free Daz Original Item that is currently selling for $6 or less, or $6 off whatever Daz Original I want. Another coupon gives me $6 off anything I buy, as long as the order is $18 or more before applying the coupon. 

The savings don't end with the coupons. Membership grants a permanent discount on all Daz Original items and Daz + items are incredibly low priced. Then there's the many Daz + Only sales and benefits that they put out throughout the year. 

I told my amazing wife that I want to be a Daz + Member for the rest of my life (and I'm still young-ish), and she agreed to make sure it happens.

Need some of the Industry's Best VFX Elements for your movies at exceptionally great deals?

Look No Further! 

I don't do subscription plans, but AVFX+ is much different - if you cancel, you keep what you got! But they also offer non-subscription sales as well - which is Brilliant! Check them out!