Animal Kingdom

I've been focusing mostly on working with the human form in my practices, but I always keep my animals in mind as I go - occasionally letting them out to test animation possibilities, texture shaders and sometimes just to escape to the wilderness with some friends!

Since it's been a fairly part time experience so far, I haven't collected everything I'll need for when the time comes, but I still venture into the store with the sole purpose of adding some of these magnificent beings to my library. So while I don't feel that I have enough yet, I do have quite a collection - one that's been building since Day One.

Let's take a look at some of the incredible wildlife that the Daz 3D zoo has in store for us.


Welcome to Animal Kingdom!

Here we'll look at some of the Many real-world-based animals available at Daz 3D. Keep in mind that I'll be making other pages for Fantasy creatures and monsters, so this isn't the place to find those.

There are a Lot to cover, and I'll be showing some that I don't own yet - but for those I do, I'll be trying to write in some commentary of my experiences. Let's take a look!

- Our Pets and Pals!

Wild Animals

- Predators and their Prey!

The Aquarium

- Let's look underwater!

The Aviary

- Creatures that Fly!


- The Ages of the Dinosaurs! be continued