The Dominators Series

The Dominator Series - by Petipet

Petipet is one of the Daz 3d Premiere Artists who graciously contribute to the special savings received through the PC+ Membership service.

Through the years he's released some wonderful products in the form of cars, buildings and environments, motorcycles, aircraft and space ships.

I bought some of the very first products he's offered at Daz 3d, then under a different name, but only for a short time. The White Needle (now called Aircraft Needle) and Starship Harpoon were so amazing to me - both in how they looked and how wonderful they were to work with in my scenes, that I became an immediate fan!

Now I own a large majority of the products available in his Daz 3d store.

A few years ago he released a product called "Dominator". 

It really grabbed me - how menacing it looked, and it's a space ship. 

After a few quick render tests and playing with the many control morph dials, I immediately had to start animating this thing. The energy beam that this thing blasts is nothing short of extraordinary.

Little did I realize then that Petipet was going to continue with the series.

This short video only shows a glimpse of how terrifying these Dominator ships can be animated to look, but I think it at least gives an example of the main ship that comes with the product.

As if the ship itself wasn't enough, this thing (at the low PC+ price) also comes with crabs, drones and terrain!

These aren't at all the same horrifying Dominator Crabs that came as a later release, but get a swarm of these things coming after you with a cloud of those drones... yeah... it's scary!!!

The kit comes with a separate crater prop that goes with the terrain to help us make our scenes get Dominated!

Just take a look through the product pages and check out everything that comes with these things. It's amazing even if you aren't PC+

Although this doesn't carry the "Dominator" name in its title, it is seen in several of the promo images of the Dominator series, and it fits in perfectly, so I'm putting it here.

I'll be back to show more. In the meantime, check out those promos. Each of them contain more than what a single promo image can handle, and they're very fun and easy to work with in Daz Studio as well as Carrara!

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