Welcome to Dartanbeck.com!

We're going to delve into an exciting adventure of filmmaking purely from CG (computer generated) elements, but maybe with a touch of stock footage shot in-camera? We'll see.

I'm sure that most of this will also be valuable toward making still images as well, but my main goal is to put it all in motion.

This Home page will serve as a bit of a Blog where I can talk about things whether or not they pertain directly to the main content. Any form of art gets a boon from inspiration so I feel that all of this relates to the journey.

So come on in and get ready to make some art - and have a Lot of Fun doing it!

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I love to help others as best I can. This is a rather broad topic: CG Filmmaking, so my articles on any particular topic may not answer your specific question.

Most of the questions directed to me are regarding Carrara or How did I do this?

For these sorts of things, post your question at the Carrara Discussion Forum (or another appropriate category) at Daz 3D.com forums, and if I don't see it right away, someone else might. They are such a friendly and helpful bunch! I've learned so much from that forum over the years!

For a more immediate question directed to me, log into those forums and Send me a PM!

Dartanbeck.com Site Highlights

Simulation Tests in Carrara - 09/28/2020

New short demonstration of some simulation tests done in Carrara using Carrara Hair and VWD Cloth and Hair!

Be sure to check out my VWD page (Carrara Plugins section)

I also have a special page for using Daz Studio to create custom content: Content Creation Tools

This goes along with my Modeling for Genesis and PC+ Cloth Frenzy in preparation and support for subjects to come!

Victoria 4 - Another look at the absolute most widely supported 3D human figure - period!

DaVinci Resolve - What video editor are you using?

Fusion - VFX Compositing on the Hollywood level!

Particle Illusion is free? - Particle Illusion is Free!!!

Project Dogwaffle Howler - Digital Painting with Doggy Attitude... and Animation Creation and Editing Tools

Carrara Zone - Let's Model. Let's Animate. Let's Render!

Carrara Info - from Cripeman Tutorials to Plugins

Carrara CG Workshop - Character Setup Pages

DAZ Zone - Welcome to the Magic of Daz 3D!

Daz 3D Content Bundles

Daz Studio - Learn to become a 3D Artist!

Platinum Club + Experience

Some of My Personal Favorites is a page that will be growing as I get the time to fill it.

It's a page dedicated to some of my favorite content from Daz 3D that I use in Carrara. I thought it would be a helpful showcase of product both legacy and new and everywhere in between that is known to work in Carrara. Helps take some of the guess work out of it.

I'll also try and make notes about the author - some of these content artists have a knack for making things that just plain work - and work well!

All New Daz Bridges - Take Your Content Anywhere!!!

Daz 3D has just released their new bridges to 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and Blender - and they're all Free!!! Now you take your Daz 3D Content Anywhere!!! Check out the video below

Cross-Platform Products

3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender and Unreal File Formats are now available for purchase and download so you can keep creating where you’re comfortable.

This totally ROCKS!!!

Keep an eye on the filter below as a Lot more content will be rolling out specifically compatible with your favorite software!

Once your character or scene is ready to go, open the Daz to Unreal Bridge and import your project to Unreal simply, quickly and easily!

Export over 10,000 Daz Assets to Unreal with the Unreal Bridge!

Very exciting for all of you who use Unreal for games, animation and movies!

Go ahead into Daz Studio and create, then bring your masterpieces into the software of your choice!

Daz content is high quality and high resolution, ready for cinema-quality renders, professional videos & game development.

With characters, hair, props, poses, and environments, Daz has everything you need for your next project.

There’s no fuss, rigging, polygons or converting materials - Daz takes care of all of that!

See More at Daz 3d

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Character Design in Carrara 01

Developing characters for our work is vital. Without characters, we have no story.

Early on in my adventure in all of this, I've felt that I needed to decide upon a method of building and storing my characters so that, when I bring them all together they appear consistent within the scene.

>>> Go To Character Design >>>

COVID-19 Awareness July 2, 2020

I'm taking a break from normal activities to plead to the American population to PLEASE start taking this pandemic seriously! PLEASE!

COVID-19 Awareness

Wow! July 1, 2020 - How far we've come!

Wow. I just realized how much I've got done in this site since it's been up. A Lot of hours spent when I should be sleeping. Here's a list of articles and such I have so far. Some of them have only been started so that I don't lose sight on what I want to do next, but then I've been filling in more blanks than I seem to recall. It's growing!

Home Page (this page) has tidbits in collapsible text - I might do away with collapsible though. Too easy to breeze right on past... but that was the point at first. That and to see what Collapsible Text is! LOL

Carrara Zone

Carrara Info (when the title is a link, it has its own article(s))

Carrara CG Workshop (when the title is a link, it has its own article(s))

Daz Zone (when the title is a link, it has its own article(s))

Do It In Post


The Software

June 28, 2020 - Volumetric Lighting - Basic Interior

This is a Jump Start tutorial to get us to this first stage of lighting - both with basic lighting and with some volumetric effects. We'll be expanding on these principals as we get deeper into building stage scenes.

We also explore animating our art in Howler. Although we're only tip toeing into it, these simple techniques can launch our inspirations to new heights - and PD Howler can help us make these things in so many fantastic, fun and creative ways!

Support Articles

More articles to follow

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June 17, 2020 - Davinci Resolve - A Quick Look

As the Introducing Rosie 5 video was a launch pad for getting this whole thing started, it was also my first actual project within DaVinci Resolve software. So this next step in the series is a brief viewing of what I did within Resolve, which is mostly focusing on the Fusion composites.

The work done in Introducing Rosie actually gets more in depth than what this short video examines, but the intention wasn't to be an all-inclusive tutorial, but more of a demonstration showing how easy it is to work in Fusion and DaVinci Resolve.

In the future we'll be getting deeper and instead of simple demonstrations, I'll show actual how-to tutorials starting from scratch.

May 22, 2020 - The launch of this website is a milestone for me

I've been toiling away at teaching myself (and learning from many others) how to animate 3D CG characters, creatures and their surroundings for just over ten years by this point.

My Rosie 5 character is the result of deciding to push my main protagonists forward a notch in technology - mainly after seeing Alita Battle Angel, which blows my mind! Alita is So Human for a purely CG character. If you have any interest in CG at all but haven't seen Alita yet, don't even rent it - just buy it right now, then come back after you've seen it a few times. And don't forget the Extras that come with it! Over two hours of highly entertaining and inspirational documentary on bringing Manga into Photorealism! Incredible!

Rosie 5 is still in development, but I wanted to take a break from all of the animation testing I've been doing with the character and her new hair to (finally) launch this website with a supporting video.

In my previous narrated videos, I was basically talking without preparation, babbling on about the subject matter, but straying widely as I went. I actually liked that concept. Still do in a way, so I'm sure I'll be making more babble sessions. But I also had no clue how to remove the powerline hum from my recordings. So I tried to reduce or mask it a bit with effects, which worked a little - at least to my ears. But....

So for this new launching, I wanted to up the game on that as well. I came up with the idea to make a video that is short and to the point, with articles on this site to get further into detail, which will then spawn more videos and articles to support them, and so on. I call this my Hybrid Article approach.

So this is my initial launch! I've already been starting several topics before any of this came about. I'll be filling in those sections as we go.


Introducing Rosie 5

About Software

For what I do, I find that Carrara Pro software fits my needs perfectly but I certainly don't mean that it's the only way to go. The same applies for the other software choices I've made. As this site matures I'll also make strong points about other software - not just the 3D Studio software either.

On this adventure we'll need several good pieces of software, and each category of type has a multitude of options. I've looked at quite a few, have settled on some favorites, and am still planning to try out others - and as always, we'll be keeping an eye out for new things to help us along the way.

I've met a lot of friends along this path and if there's one thing I've learned is that each of us have different needs and tastes. Where I love the GUI of one software package, my friends might not be able to handle it at all. Features that drive another to buy this or that software might have absolutely no significance to me whatsoever for what I'm intending to do. So it's all very much a personal choice - I intend to help reveal those other options as best I can, when I can.

The page isn't finished yet, for example I don't even have HitFilm listed, but the following page is a bit of a walkthrough of the software I use most often on this journey.

The Software

Currently on the docket for tutorials and demonstrations are:

  • Carrara 8.5 Pro - Of course!

  • Project Dogwaffle Pro: Howler - Amazing paint software with tools for animation

  • Daz Studio - I currently use this for its wonderful Content Creation Tools and more

  • Affinity Photo - My favorite kind of Photoshop

  • DaVinci Resolve* - along with its Edit, Fusion, Fairlight Audio and Color Grading pages

  • HitFilm Express - another great VFX compositor for $0.00 USD

  • Audacity - Open Source Audio software

  • MusicMaker - by Magix - A fun and simple DAW with soundpool collections and VST, etc.,

*Added tutorial videos for DaVinci Resolve

I'd also like to eventually include articles regarding other great software that I've used and feel that they're worthy apps for anyone interested in all of this: Poser, Vegas, Corel VideoStudio Pro and PaintShop Pro and others.

That Dartanbeck sure can Babble! LOL

Like I said about by older videos above - no preparation, just go in and start babbling! :)

In this older video, I attempt to demonstrate some of my favorite aspects of Carrara Pro.

I'll be updating my channel with much better material on this topic, but this one is here now, so....

The 2010 Carrara 8 Promo Reel

I love this. This reel has inspired me from the beginning of my quest in all of this.

Carrara just plain ROCKS!!!

Daz 3D

I get assets from a few places around the web, and discussions on that will evolve. You may have noticed that I have a strong connection to one in particular - Daz 3D.

I have been a fan of Daz 3D since shortly after I started learning all of this. They were the one who put absolute excelence into Human figures in the Poser style of content. Then came that amazing Millennium Dragon and the other animals and creatures. Right from the start they've been joined by some of the most amazing 3D content artists and even they must past a stringent array of quality assurance tests before their product makes it to the store - Excellence!

There are other Excellent vendors out there as we'll discover along the way. I have a few favorites that I'm dying to share with you.

DAZ Zone shows a bit of my fandom for the company along with some of my history with them.

Daz 3D Content is where I'll be highlighting some products that I mention in tutorials and other articles - some just because I love working with them.

Carrara 8.5 Pro Content illustrates the wealth of Daz 3D products that come Free when we buy Carrara 8.5 Pro. Like I say there, we get much more than we spend with this purchase!

Downloads currently holds the Carrara specific products that I sold at Daz 3D before I closed my store due to life issues. I'm honored to gift them to anyone whom might find joy in using them.

The future will bring articles about my use of Daz Studio as well as a lot of the content I've purchased. This is where I really thrive! I do know how to make 3D models, UV Unwrap them, Rig them(for the most part) and get them textured, etc., but what I really want to do is to build the scenes, light them, put them in motion and film(render) them. Therefore, I've always considered Daz 3D and their Premier Artists to be my personal asset creation department! :)

Daz 3D has a growing number of excellent training videos on their channel.

Daz 3D content is very nicely priced, even when not on sale - PC+ Membership cuts the cost Dramatically and also has regularly scheduled freebies.

Daz Studio Pro is Amazing and Free!!!

Carrara 8.5 Pro is, of course, my favorite reason to be on a computer - period.

Forum Discussion

A great place to get fueled up on knowledge in a place where we can ask questions and often get answers quickly is the Forums at Daz 3D

My time being limited these days, I mostly stick to the Carrara Discussion Forum, but tend to check the others as well, especially if I need to figure something out that has my mind all boggled!

Here are just a few examples of that active forum:

►►► Carrara Information Manual ◄◄◄ is a thread I created with the hopes of helping people find answers and inspiration. It endeavors to index links to many topics within the forum as well as other places on the web. It all began with my wanting to make an Index of Cripeman's Awesome Video Tutorials and then just took on a life of its own.

I did another similar thread: ► Learning CARRARA and need some help? which is another fun-filled ride of Carrara information.

The members of the Carrara forum hold monthly (approximately) challenges that are quite fun and educational alike - for most of them require a WIP (work in progress) post in order to enter, and many of those WIPs are highly educational about what we can do in Carrara.

Learning tips and tricks from prior Carrara Challenge WIP threads stores links to each of the WIP threads for these challenges simply because they're such a wealth of knowledge (and wacky fun!!!)

Post Your Renders is there for us to post our renders and discuss them. A lot of nice work in there

Free Software that Makes Life Easier is a thread dedicated to just that

So hop on in there and either lurk around for answers or inspiration, or make yourself known and join in the fun! There's almost always somebody around to answer questions. If not, using the links in the Carrara Information Manual thread above will trigger emails to anybody who was following the thread you're asking in, so you get answers even quicker that way. For example, the ► Forum Help Links index.

How do I Ask a Question?

I love to help others as best I can. This is a rather broad topic: CG Filmmaking, so my articles on any particular topic may not answer your specific question.

Most of the questions directed to me are regarding Carrara or How did I do this?

For these sorts of things, post your question at the Carrara Discussion Forum (or another appropriate category) at Daz 3D.com forums, and if I don't see it right away, someone else might. They are such a friendly and helpful bunch! I've learned so much from that forum over the years!

For a more immediate question directed to me, log into those forums and Send me a PM!

Daz 3D Affiliate - I am also an Affiliate of Daz 3D - following my links to Daz 3D from this site help to support this project.