The Platinum Club + Anniversary Sale 2021

Page 2!!!

As if the first half of this sale wasn't amazing enough!

I Love It!!!

As what often happens, this grand event occurs at a time when I am completely financially pinched. But that can also be a blessing, since Daz 3d is incredibly generous to its PC+ members, especially during these events.

Let's see what I can collect during these hard times, shall we?

On to Page 2 of this Massive Sale Event!

MegaBundle 03

Sure, I already had Petipet's amazing Sci-fi Cargo Ship and the previous legacy version of Jack Tomalin's incredibly realistic Parkside Freight (this new "2017" edition includes updated Iray shders as well as a new Frosty shader set!), but the rest is all new for me!

Now I can decorate my Aslan scenes (and anything, really) with the Aslan Statues set, go exploring in the ruins of Merlin's Ruined Cottage (which looks like it would fit in perfectly with the high-res version of the default DS Iray HDRI Dome!) followed by a dip in the Hidden Waterfall Pool, shoot some pool and relax in Deco Downtime and barbecue by the Fabric Gazebo to finally retire in luxury in the grand bed of Tudor Living 2.

by Greybro and Sixus1 Media

Remember I was just saying that I need new nasties for my production?

This remarkable fellow comes complete with hair and clothing, and looks to be magnificently sculpted in HD with truly amazing texture work.

Although depicted in this image and other promos as a take on Frankenstein's Monster, I believe that he can also be used as something altogether different, which is my aim.

I found this little gem as a freebie just while I was writing this update!

She looks like a lot of fun!

There have been a lot of crazy sales going on. Flash sales, freebies, and the whole shebang going on with the main PC+ Anniversary Sale...

Get in there and get some cool stuff!

Just look at what I was able to get so far with very little cash!

Wow, is this thing ever Awesome!!!

It's a really loaded set of various presets that add to an existing shader, along with more presets that allow us to build our own from scratch.

Even better, there are instructions built into the same browser where we find our presets - double click them to open an image with circles and arrows and a paragraph on each one explaining how to do what the message indicates! So Cool!!!

Grunge it up, tear it up, displace it with normals... This is Trick!!!

Special interruption

Along these same lines of thought, I was looking for a way to be able to add new material zones to an existing product directly within Daz Studio.

I can do this sort of thing in my sleep in Carrara, but I just didn't have enough experience in Studio to know the steps to take - or if I'd have to send it to Hexagon...?

After a simple search, I've found this very nicely written and well illustrated tutorial, so I wanted to share it here. Later, when I get to my tutorials of my Daz Studio/Carrara production workflow, I'll also link to it from there. But in the meantime:

The Material Zone~ Geometry Tool Tutorial & Shaders - By Novica

Make the most of your 3D Library by utilizing our bridges to create in Blender, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya, Unity, and Unreal.

Check It Out!

Another great scene setup kit by Andrey Pestryakov!

I love it whenever I can grab one of his masterpieces - and this certainly is one of them!

Check out this cool Promo video showing off all of the wonderful options he puts into these things >

MegaBundle 04

Yep, it's that time again - the fourth Mega Pack of the event!

What do we have here? More Dominator stuff along with another alien world set, clocks, Iray shaders, a nice dress, a space ship, and star ship interior and a construction site generator kit...

Quite a Score!!!

To celebrate that I just got another great Iray Shader collection by Jen Greenlees, I grabbed another of her packs as well.

Like the Clear and Frosted Glass that I just got in the MegaBundle, this Worn Rough Leather was a product I was just looking at for the work I'm doing right now!

But that's no surprise - I have been studying her store at Daz 3d because there are so many of these packs that will be incredibly interesting to put to use.

What's funny is that the very two that I wished that I had while I was thinking about work that I need to get to next fell right into my lap - one for free and the other at a Massive discount!

Thanks Again, Jen!

Free for PC+ Members

More goodies arrive every week and it's always something useful!

These lights are so handy to have, and the tiny plants also really help to really make a scene.

Thanks to you both!

But wait... that's not All!!! Are we ready to see some more?!!!

When you've been a PC+ member as long as I have, one gets to see many products and bundle deals hit the excitingly reduced price shelves in numerous variations, styles, generations and with many different Premiere Artists from the Daz Store.

The main PC+ Sale page is not the only place to find the PC+ deals, however. It may lead to all of them, but some of them are more deeply embedded via Daz Originals being a much more vast selection from even more various artists than ever before.

So if we're not seeing something that really tickles our fancy within the main promo but really feel like finding a good deal of the day, the next best place to look is the Daz Originals Vendor category. It's amazing how often I've found incredible discounts on some really high end products just by having that extra look.

In fact, that's exactly how I found the screaming deal I got on The Monster HD for Genesis 8 Male that I listed above, which was an Amazing find!

All of this next batch came from the PC+ for a Day specials from various days since my last posting.

This modular kit reminds me a lot of the one I got from Design Anvil in the epic May PC+ sales that went on celebrating Memorial Day in the US.

It's very well modeled, assembled and presented for combining or using as stand alone shots and also comes with some nice material changing presets for Iray.

Part of being a constant, year-after-year PC+ member, soaking in these amazing gifts, is that we get to enjoy all of the ways that these beautiful assets work together, either in the same scene or as preludes or continuations to them... this entire sale event is playing very nicely with the loads of great stuff I've collected from the May and June events!

Check out this amazing and highly useful kit I've found in the delicious PC+ for a Day specials!

Thanks Peanterra!!!

I saw this one on sale in either the May or June event but couldn't get it in the cart before it disappeared from the sale. Well, it came back and this time it's mine!

Okay, this is a really neat bundle in my opinion - and I haven't even had a chance to try it out just yet.

For starters, it includes the main Forest product as well as its three main and massive expansion packs, Autumn, Winter and Superior.

Finally it also includes Forest Elements, which upgrades all of the above with new features, Daz Studio updates to the series as well as presets for the Forest in summer and autumn... Very cool!!!

I'm now a Huge fan of Andrey Pestryakov and will continue to work toward collecting all of his stuff!

The Forest is where it all began, then he added the Autumn and Winter expansions, and Forest Superior expands the Forest with a whole slew of new additions, textures and presets to make it more realistic and life-like.

In this expansion pack for the Forest Series you will find 130 new props for DAZ Studio 4.5 and Poser! Now you can animate these objects in your beautiful scene. Trees, shrubs, ferns, grasses and other props created with Summer, Autumn and Winter colors.

Many objects have morphs, such as the trees which contain 5 morphs: thickness of trunk, leaves, wind 1, wind 2 and deform.

This add-on also includes new scenes for DAZ Studio 4.5 in the Summer and Autumn colors. These scenes are made up of props from the Forest Elements, therefore, you can easily turn off any tree or shrub if it interferes with your desired camera view.

Below you can see a video of the DAZ Studio 4.5 bonus scene and a little tutorial with the props in Daz Studio 4.5.

Another fantastic addition to my Andrey Pestryakov collection, Arches of the past will be part of a major plot point coming much later in my work, but since I have it now, we may get little glimpses into that sooner than originally expected.

Like so many of his more recent offerings, Arches of the Past comes with many props that load within a selection of preset scenes as well as in individual props and groups, which is really cool for enhancing other scene and even building new scenes from scratch.

I'm finding that the more of his kits I have, the easier it is for me to just quickly put together the fantastical scene that I need, combining elements from his different sets, and moving around some of the preloaded pieces. It's a lot of fun, and they render superbly in Iray!

Block 1 is a bundle of three rather massive products: Block 1 Part A, Block 1 Part B, and Block 1 Part C

Each of them contain a sizeable chunk of a neighborhood block setting, optimized for Iray. From the center of the road through the back yards, houses, garages, driveways, curbs, grass and plant life - the bundle contains a special preset that puts them all together into a single, cohesive block scene.

I don't usually do this sort of environment so, when I saw this and explored its contents in the Daz 3d Store, I decided that this would be a great addition for when I do decide to visit this more 'now' style of normal, quiet living.

Another PC+ for a Day item, this expansion pack focuses our attention on a single dwelling, inside and out.

What a perfect way to expand something like this. Great job!

Collective3d does a great job at offering us scenery products meant to be used much like a photo studio or filming stage. I was actually planning on looking through some of those that I have already, to be used as an interior for one of these homes - but now I don't have to!

Scrolling along, after already grabbing Forest Bundle and the Neighborhood Block, I stumble upon this - the perfect topping for the cake!

This is another one of those moments where my shopping experience gets stories unfolding in my imagination as I drop content into my cart.

In fact, my immediate interest in the above neighborhood came from yet another happy find within the PC+ for a Day deals:

This beauty is one extraordinary piece of digital machinery!

td3d did an amazing amount of work to get this right. The Wild Fantasy Hot Rod is a real McCoy Hot Rod!!!

Working suspension and plenty of creative morphs for making any of the operation controls operate like an actual car. Very cool!

So I already have a scene saved and test rendered of this exquisite ride parked in a custom neighborhood block that I created with my new presents, along with Magix101's Iray Sky Dome system that I got just after the big June Semi-annual PC+ Sale Event (which was the first semi-annual).

I love how it turned out and have a really cool scene already written for it (and began some animation work) that really adds a great new dimension to the story that's working right now - I love That!!!!

Final Week

Okay, looks like we'll be wrapping up this page soon.

It is advertised that this is the Final Week of the Huge PC+ Anniversary Sale Event of 2021

This page is only the tiniest of glimpses at what this sale is all about. It has something for everybody - thousands and thousands of items at prices too low to be real... except that it is real!

The reason that I make these pages (aside from my own personal enjoyment, that is) is to help illustrate what a single customer can walk away with during these events.

Like most times, I have little to nothing to spend through most of this. I got the one (so far? hint hint) Gift Card from an awesome reader, and spent a few small dollars of my own, but most of what we see here was free, or free to me by using the PC+ coupons we get each month for being a member.

That said, let's take a look at the whopping pile of goodies I got since all of the above amazing gear!

MegaBundle 05

Another Grand display of generosity from Daz 3d and their Premiere Artists!

We've got a hair pack along with a supplemental textures pack, both by Goldtassel, Presents for under the tree, by Merlin Studios, a really nice Steampunk style dress for the ladies, by Sixus1 Media, two wonders from Petipet - a cool Sci-Fi habitat and a really neat star ship, a piece from Jack Tomalin's beautiful and majestic Winterblack series, and finally an awesome post-apocalyptic scene from David Brinnen, ForbiddenWhispers, and Daz 3d!

Any one of these would be an excellent gift on its own, but this is Daz 3d's Platinum Club Plus we're talking about! Pull out All the Stops!!!

So... I get free stuff every week for being a PC+ member. And to thank me for that, I get to download all of this stuff for free - and this is pack 5 within a single month-long event!

Big Thanks to All of You!!! Truly!

What's this, another BYOB? ;)

Eight things for a couple of bucks!

I added the S.P.V. (Steam Punk Vicky) Tactical Suit for V3 to my bundle because I really like taking legacy items and giving them new textures and messing around with refitting them to other figures than originally intended.

Besides, I think it's really cool!

It's a lot of fun! Check out my PC+ Cloth Frenzy Page! :)

I also grabbed a couple more from Jack Tomalin and a pose pack by Digiport to go with, two from JGreenlees and two from Petipet - Score!!!!

A Curious Pub is deliciously off-kilter and just has that perfect look for all kinds of fantastical situations. I've wanted this thing for a long time, even though my story hasn't found the road to it just yet - but now it's Mine!!!!

I have Moonshine's Diner and its interior because some time in the distant future, Rosie and Dart will be visiting the past and will have to stop in here and have a burger, fries and milkshakes.

Now they'll have napkins, condiments and other goodies to go along! It even comes with bar stools and a cool old time jukebox! :)

Big Fan!

I love Jen's shaders and other content - always have as long as I've been into this!

Liquid Shaders are just the ticket for both places I just got from Jack, but you know Jen, there's a whole lot more in this bundle!

Speaking of "A Whole Lot", Wow! This "The Basics" of Daz Studio is awesome!

She really takes us deep into possibilities of the interface. I love learning about simple, often powerful things that I've overlooked forever!

We even dig into making some content!

Again... Big Fan!

Air Car Jumper is a crazy-cool Sci-Fi ride that always reminds me of The Jetsons every time I see it. Now I get to fly it!

I also got the ever-so-awesome Sci-Fi Bike!

Funny, JGreenlees and Sade put together a cool texture pack for this thing, and I bought it. Thought for sure I already had the bike! LOL

It's been in my wish list ever since!

Digiport has folks (Genesis 1, in this case) going about their business both inside and out of the Moonshine Diner in this pack

We're not done yet!

My goodness! Scrolling down here, I can barely imagine that I scored all of this in just one month!

I mean... this is all Really Great content!

My Iray shaders collection of JGreenlees is absolutely incredible - and I felt this way from previous sales events. This one added so much more, and I've been overjoyed using them on all sorts of things that look a Lot better with these new shaders in place!

All manner of new scenes, tweak utilities, people, monsters, clothing and hair...

...and I barely had any money this month at all!!!

Okay, here's the final wrap-up of this sale.

It's a couple of BOYB scores, some PC+ for a Day, along with a few things that were on sale because the artist was in the sale event.

Check it out!

More awesome scene kits from SoulessEmpathy

SoulessEmpathy had a Lot of things to offer us throughout the whole sale, and they're really nice sets to render in. Check out these new Castle Interior sets I just got. One legacy and one from fairly recent releases.

Alternate Textures for Jack Tomalin's GIS Series

Sarsa is one amazing texture artist! These "Andromeda" texture packs are certainly no exception!

Iray Expansion for Jack Tomalin's Entire Moonshine's Diner Series!

Complete Iray shaders for Moonshine's Diner and the three Interior packs.

Also includes new presets to load them all up as before, but this time optimized for nVidia's Iray!

Jack Tomalin's

Deco Lobby

to lead us eventually up to

Deco 12th Floor

These sets are absolutely Gorgeous!

Well, not that that's a surprise.

Jack ROCKS!!!

I love it when I get new Jack Tomalin kits!

This thing looks really cool, and it's made by Peanterra, who has done work with Andrey Pestryakov, who's scene kits I have truly frown to love and trust.

The funny thing is that I was thinking of using this with some of Andrey's kits when I first took a look at the modular design of this thing.

Very Cool!

Dimension Theory never ceases to amaze me with cool, genius ideas with true artistic flair!

This setup is actually mostly intended to be a really wonderful shader design, but then he adds in some nice presets for us to explore in order to get to grips with how useful such a thing can be.

I was already wishing I could do what this is for:

Tiler Shader makes it possible to have different tiling parameters for individual parts of the shader - so we can have no tiling for the opacity, while tiling several times on diffuse, for example.

Really looking forward to using this!

This great toon is a custom shape by Sixus1 Media for 3D Universe's Toon Generations 2 for Genesis 3

His looks were enough to sell me right away. He's very cool looking!

But he also comes with his complete clothing outfit and hair!

I think he's going to fit in with what I'm doing quite well - even though he is very much a Toon!

It's finally mine!!!

For those who have checked out my Content-Driven Story article: What Happened on Odysseon Station will know that this gem has been on my wish list to go along with a storyline I've been building.

In particular, I really needed to have the sprawling walkways and the lifts - and the fact that they're in the Odysseon Station color scheme just made it a real 'must-have' for me.

Looks like the wait is over!

See what I mean about how awesome the PC+ is?

What I said in the beginning about finances being tight, well that hasn't got any better during this whole month, so this whole page was obtained through the PC+ Membership without hardly any spending!

Wow, what a month so far - Like Christmas in Rocktober!!!

Thank You All So Very Much!!!

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